Legal Consultation for Creative Business Owners

Legal Consultation for Creative Business Owners


Whether you have an incredible idea for a new business, a new product you are releasing into the world as part of your already establish brand, or you have been in business for over a decade, as a creative business owner there are always questions about the legal status and compliance of your business.

Sometimes there are questions about the questions you don't know if you should be asking. Should you register your business and when? What are Intellectual property rights? How do you manage risk among an expanding team?

As creatives and business owners ourselves, our legal team would like to come along side you and answer your questions, giving you more clarity about running a legally compliant business, more peace about the decisions you make, and more time to focus on doing what you love. 

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and would like to schedule a virtual consultation with a lawyer to help give you some ease as you run your business and brand, let us help you.


After you have paid for this service, you will receive an email with the link to schedule your appointment with a lawyer from out team.