We work with clients across Africa and North America:

  • To navigate the legal complexities of creating and building a thriving business and  brand

  • Across all aspects of the immigration sector,

  • To help under-served communities have access to the resources they need through our pro-bono advocacy and activism.

our core values:

1. CARE: We believe you are not just a number.
You matter to us and your legal needs will never be treated callously.

2. COLLABORATION: We come alongside you as a team member to provide the specific legal solution that best meets your needs.

3. COMMUNICATION: You will not be in the dark about the happenings of your case. We check in and keep up with you regularly!

4. CLARITY: You will know from the beginning of our working relationship the exact amount of legal fees you will be paying for your legal services, and our plan of attack for meeting your legal needs.

5.  CONSISTENCY: Our goal is not just to work with you to meet one legal need. If you will have us, we will be your consistence source of trusted legal advice.

6. CALM: The process of finding and working with a lawyer can get very chaotic. We promise to help you get to a place of calm and peace as we navigate your complex legal issues with you. 

7. COMPETENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION: We don't promise perfect outcomes, but we do promise to go out of our ways to meet you at the intersection of your goals and the law.




Two things you should know about me;
I am a bit of a rebel, and I think my father is the greatest lawyer to ever live. 

It was based on those two principles that armed with a law degree and three years experience with the legal culture, I expanded the family business by opening up the U.S office of Afangideh Global.

My father, Peter Afangideh, ESQ opened up the first Afangideh Global office over 30 years ago in a humble office on Egerton street in Calabar, Nigeria. A firm that eventually grew and expanded into various other locations serving clients all across the African continent on complex civil litigation and human rights cases.

Armed with his strength, mentoring, and support I introduced our African based firm into a North American legal market. And together we have grown a global team and expanded our model of lawyering from just being reactive in nature to proactively helping citizens within a community navigate the legal system in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to all.

- SALEM AFANGIDEH, U.S Founding Partner.



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